Marketing eBook design, developing effective eBooks improves lead generation

Developing effective marketing eBooks boosts lead generation and conversion.

Marketing eBook Design

(Recent examples of our eBook design)

Many organizations fail to recognize effectiveness of well-designed marketing eBooks. Over past 10 years concept of eBooks evolved from something people read on their kindle to important asset targeting lead generation with fast bits of critical data and call to action. It is important to realize value of a short well-organized promo material which allows to grab the users’ attention when they are conducting research. More and more visitors of websites target narrow subjects looking for specific data, value added content rather then general information. Channeling traffic to effective asset which helps users to understand complex concept and leads to action is the right strategy to optimize lead generation efforts.


What are the top reasons for creating marketing eBooks?

  • Quick way to engage user with visuals while providing informational content
  • Works well as PowerPoint presentation, custom illustrated eBooks often are designed for use IN PowerPoint
  • eBook is providing specific information without distraction and navigation elsewhere
  • Marketing eBook Maintains focus on the information, tells a story
  • Ability to link to external web content easily
  • Works well as PPT, PDF
  • eBook design Scales in various platforms, browsers, uses PDF reader
  • Complements branding
  • Establishes additional content channel for lead generation
  • Simple way to build asset/resource library
  • Improves lead generation conversion rate vs flat reports
  • Adds excitement factor to dry information
  • Works as link bait to attract links and help with SEO
  • Works well as part of multi-channel campaign involving infographics, eBook, mini-website, ad banners, facebook/twitter posts.

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