Content development strategy and ideas

Content development strategy, tips and ideas.

Ongoing changes in search engine algorithms made old strategies obsolete and relevant and engaging content becomes crucial in improving SEO for any business. Development of quality and sticky content making your organization a valuable resource of industry-specific information is a great strategy to gain more credibility with users and search engines.

Developing valuable content vs spamming

Many outsourced SEO services deliver volume and low quality. A systematic, professional and thoughtful approach to creation and improvement of your content is a must. Positioning organization as a leader in a field is not always easy to do within limited context of a website or promotional campaigns. Development of channels within area of your expertise on blog is an excellent way to create brand awareness and build following. Search engines pay more and more value to social following and popularity. Placing enough attention on unique and valuable content and spreading a word on each post on social media will pay off in the long run.

Making content sticky and popular

Improve position of your content in other social websites by putting more emphasis on making your content original and balanced with appropriate visuals. This essentially means designing each post, creating original videos, infographics and illustrations, which help users to visualize complex information.

Systematizing approach to content design

Plan to create new articles and posts once or twice a week and make concentrated effort to keep blogs active and up to date. Get your designer involved on each post as each post and article can be considered a commercial. More effort put into it, higher the response going to be. Continuous effort will be rewarded with increase in popularity, search engine positions and leads.

Addressing real needs in your content

Content and its presentation should engage user by addressing real needs and questions. Irrelevant content and purposeless copy designed only to populate blogs with posts and infographics will backfire. Think of how the content can be used as training material leading to your organization services.

Above all, make a real commitment to building more information resources.
Content is the king.

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