Optimize your lead generation pages following these three strategies

Optimize your landing pages on your website following these three simple strategies.

We designed hundreds of different successful landing pages and often hired to create full campaigns or optimize existing landing pages and all customers struggle with the same issues when it comes to how to better present their offering to the end customer.

It’s not easy to formulate the offer, it’s even harder to ensure that leads that come from landing pages convert to customers at good rate. Unfortunately, the dark truth of confusion marketing industry is in not bringing long term customers, but rather going after statistical success. In our experience, you always must take the high road and be prepared to stay by your customer and actually do the best you possibly can. This and only this brings not term customers, not get it quick type of marketing, commonly used these days.

These steps will ensure that your landing page delivers in fact best customers as well as improve your conversion rate.

Step 1
Ensure that you have something to substantiate your offer. Critical point is establishing trust with a customer. If trust is not established, no other gimmicks will win the client. Trust is established by adding testimonials, which can be video, audio, text, client logos, statistics etc…anything that brings customer to level of comfort that they know there are experts on the other end.

Step 2
Get to the point. Don’t preach, create simple and concise headline, merges and supporting content. The reality is that most likely that your know more about your product then customer. Long copy, inconclusive language, weak marketing offer without strong call to acts message will kill page.

Step 3
Create professional presentation. Rough design, unprofessional layout, graphics that draw too much attention, too much contrast, placing form far from top of page, using very bright colors and so on will kill the page rate. If you think that big red button will convert the best the your campaign is doomed.

It is absolutely critical to eliminate any unnecessary steps between the customer and your product. Any question on the design, wrong people picture etc can be distracting component. Avoid using people pictures unless needed, common and generic images as all of them make your offer brand less, killing prospects of getting serious inquiry. Hire an experienced design group that knows behavior of a customer in your business or can demonstrate overall experience in conversion marketing.

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