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Problems outsourcing SEO offshore

Is relying on SEO offshore consultant a good idea? Think again. We all see lucrative pricing and constant bombardment of spammy offshore SEO offers. No decent SEO company will resort to spamming customers. Despite the obvious too-good-to-be-true proposals, many still consider them part of their SEO strategy. In reality, outsourcing SEO offshore is a dangerous endeavor more »


Not provided Google Analytics – how to extract the data

Extracting and interpreting the data from “not provided” keywords New rise of “not provided” is causing a lot of headaches for many marketers and website owners. This article describes a simple and effective method of how to dissect Analytics data and get to the bottom of the “not provided”information. Initial data for those not familiar more »


Marketing eBook design, developing effective eBooks improves lead generation

Developing effective marketing eBooks boosts lead generation and conversion. (Recent examples of our eBook design) Many organizations fail to recognize effectiveness of well-designed marketing eBooks. Over past 10 years concept of eBooks evolved from something people read on their kindle to important asset targeting lead generation with fast bits of critical data and call to more »


Website design fees – how much to spend on creating or redesigning a website

How much you want to spend to create or redesign your web site? What are the fees associated with website design or website redesign? Partially, this depends on the company and on the industry, but mostly, on knowledge of a person who is interested in services. True professionals of online marketing realize enormous possibility to more »


Website design rates – rate for web design services

How website design rates help to understand type of provider This questions is based on type of a provider and quality of work. While freelance designers can offer design services for $20/hr, top design agencies do not work for less then several hundred dollars per hour. Depending on the type of your organization, you need more »


Data visualization – benefits of right approach

Choosing a right data visualization consultant and technique for your application might not be easy. There are a lot of considerations that need to come into play, such as selection of appropriate technology provider and aligning internal and external IT resources to enable smooth collaborative environment to make the development and integration process run effectively. more »


Web Interface Design – tips, techniques, results

What contributes to best results in web interface design? Usable, functional and accessible design approach allows web users to interact with your web site or application at a different level. Lets consider scenarios where user A attempts to proceed through a typical path through a website from home page to confirmation screen. Our typical path more »


Website design samples – designing sample web sites

Name: Last Name: Company: Email: Project: WebsiteIdentityInterfaceMultimediaPrintIA / UX / UEConsultingProgramming Comments: Why is it critical to understand that website design sample work or what is called speculative work is bad Read an article by AIGI http://www.aiga.org/content.cfm/news-090527 This essentially confirm that designing anything before designers are contracted to design it is not going to turn more »


Website design pricing – prices for web design services

Name: Last Name: Company: Email: Project: WebsiteIdentityInterfaceMultimediaPrintIA / UX / UEConsultingProgramming Comments: Does your organization struggle in determining where to go to get pricing and an estimate for website design project? The information below will help to understand types of providers. There are 5 levels of pricing for website design services. Typically services offered by more »


Creative Design Services

Top 10 recommendations for best results from your creative design services provider and online marketing Hire only professional company to execute creative design services for your organization. �Find industry-specific marketing firm for marketing only, do not go with design services from marketing firms. Avoid low cost service providers. Creative design means iterative design approach. Low more »


Don’t use template websites.

Why not to use template websites The reason is simple, templates are too generic and have less value then custom made design specific to your company goals and subject matter. Template web sites are designed to be sold to you and not to your customers, and many business owners get into the trap thinking that more »


Website design consultants

Website design consultants, how to chose a right website design company. Its critically important to select a qualified and experienced�group among all �website design consultants you research. Pay special attention to years in business, client list, samples of work, relevance to your industry and past references. When selecting website design companies, you need to realize that more »


Co-branding, how to co-brand your company products and services online

Co-branding and how to co-brand your company products or services Much of the .com and post .com period can be characterized by wide use of co-branding. The definition of the term itself is: “Co-branding is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy.” per Wikipedia. More profoundly, online co-branding means offering more »


Landing page design, how to create effective landing pages

Landing page design Each company with a web site loses potentially significant percentage of leads by not employing basic strategy of landing pages. This does not require a marketing department to figure out that landing pages are tools that can save your business when no other methods of lead acquisition work. Specifically, strategy of channeling more »


Online image editing

More and more online tools are becoming a real alternative to bloated and expensive applications especially for business users that only require limited set of functions. One of the latest additions to the online product suites is an online clone of Photoshop. What could be more simple the editing images online right in your browser? more »


Using typography design for public

A recent great example of how to make typography use more popular and let people get more creative without necessarily knowing anything is a site http://www.wordle.net/ Take a look at the variety of options and absolutely no required typography knowledge required to create beautifully looking and interesting word clouds of your site’s content Not only more »


Easy RSS publishing

Easy way to get external RSS feeds published on your website


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