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Website design samples – designing sample web sites

Name: Last Name: Company: Email: Project: WebsiteIdentityInterfaceMultimediaPrintIA / UX / UEConsultingProgramming Comments: Why is it critical to understand that website design sample work or what is called speculative work is bad Read an article by AIGI This essentially confirm that designing anything before designers are contracted to design it is not going to turn more »


Washington dc web design companies

Washington DC web design firms are divided into following categories Firms that work for Federal government and their contractors These companies have ongoing accounts sustaining their operations and expand adding additional resources depending on the contracts. Firms in this category generally are not interested in working with smaller clients and they are all on GSA more »


Creative Services Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland

Creative services or design consulting firm in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland There are many choices in this area and many companies offer different sets of skills. Non-profit organizations tend to go with firms that have experience designing associations websites while technology companies look for hands-on design and development expertise. There are many hidden values more »


Website design pricing – prices for web design services

Name: Last Name: Company: Email: Project: WebsiteIdentityInterfaceMultimediaPrintIA / UX / UEConsultingProgramming Comments: Does your organization struggle in determining where to go to get pricing and an estimate for website design project? The information below will help to understand types of providers. There are 5 levels of pricing for website design services. Typically services offered by more »


Law website design, legal website design

Law website design Is your law firm lacking consistent and clear marketing message, campaign? The easiest way to bring visual consistency in communication materials for legal services organization is to upgrade corporate website which will correspond to corporate branding and complement it. What is important is to have a professional and clear design, focused entirely more »


Corporate website design, corporate branding

Corporate website design and corporate branding. Website design or redesign is an important step in upgrading your organization’s marketing campaign. It is important to plan in advance and engage key decision makers to define vision and direction for what you would like your website to do. It’s important to set realistic marketing goals and break more »


Landing page design, how to create effective landing pages

Landing page design Each company with a web site loses potentially significant percentage of leads by not employing basic strategy of landing pages. This does not require a marketing department to figure out that landing pages are tools that can save your business when no other methods of lead acquisition work. Specifically, strategy of channeling more »


Email newsletter design, email marketing design, creating effective email marketing campaigns

One of the most popular methods to advertise is via email marketing. For many years email list rental and email option marketing has been a driving force behind many successful businesses. How to create an effective email marketing campaign is often a difficult question. We want to share our experience on how to correctly approach more »


Logo design for small business, branding, identity for small businesses

Designing identity and logo for small business is more important then any other visual element. Here is why: Logo design for small business is important for following top 10 reasons: 1. Small businesses are often in disadvantage versus larger more developed companies. Good identity can level the field and help win projects. 2. Logo is more »


Small business website design

 Small business needs are very different from large corporations. Small organizations (under 50 people) have needs for flexibility, high end result, yet value efficiency more then any other. To make sure that the expenses are kept to minimum and your company receives best results, you need to plan from the start of the year so more »


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