Interface Design and UE

Marketing eBook design, developing effective eBooks improves lead generation

Developing effective marketing eBooks boosts lead generation and conversion. (Recent examples of our eBook design) Many organizations fail to recognize effectiveness of well-designed marketing eBooks. Over past 10 years concept of eBooks evolved from something people read on their kindle to important asset targeting lead generation with fast bits of critical data and call to more »


Social Performance and Analytics Design

Social Performance, Analytics, Dashboard design. Reporting, performance analytics are becoming critical aspects for large and small businesses. How effective is your organization in measuring impact of social media on your brand, operations and performance? LightMix designed corporate website, identity and user interface for growing social media and business intelligence company, newBrandAnalytics. Innovative suite of tools more »


Dashboard redesign – how to create a dashboard that fits, checklist

How to redesign dashboard to represents all key data and still fits into current framework? It’s often a question that many companies have to struggle with due to ever increasing complexities of today’s reporting and statistics. Struggling to combine results form multiple processes, operations and at the same time enable key users of the dashboard more »


Dashboard designer – custom design or ready to use dashboards

Dashboard designer In this port we want to examine differences and benefits of custom design vs ready to use dashboards. There are many applications and providers claiming easy to use and plug and play dashboard functionality that easily integrates in framework of your application. True, to some degree ready to use products can correspond to more »


Top data visualization examples

Following are most notable data visualization examples for the past week How different groups spend their day This interactive map shows different patterns of work vs sleep and other activities in different demographical groups. Homocide and murder statistics in New York Interactive map of New York homicide statistics CongressSpeaks Impressive visualization and interactive map What more »


Data visualization – benefits of right approach

Choosing a right data visualization consultant and technique for your application might not be easy. There are a lot of considerations that need to come into play, such as selection of appropriate technology provider and aligning internal and external IT resources to enable smooth collaborative environment to make the development and integration process run effectively. more »


Web Interface Design – tips, techniques, results

What contributes to best results in web interface design? Usable, functional and accessible design approach allows web users to interact with your web site or application at a different level. Lets consider scenarios where user A attempts to proceed through a typical path through a website from home page to confirmation screen. Our typical path more »


User interface designer – consultant, geek, artist, architect – all in one

Who is an interface designer you may ask? Is this somebody who is putting together UI in Visual Studio to get the application work finally, after 3 weeks of delays and boss screaming on top of their lungs? Is this somebody who thinks more then does and never gets passed the stage where he or more »


User interface design principles

Numerous usability studies conducted by top agencies indicate that main properties of effective user interface design are simplicity, ease of navigation and effective information architecture. True, while many other factors play a significant role, few can be a detrimental factor in how application is received by the users. Assuming all functional elements of the application more »


User Experience Design, UE, UX

User experience design for online applications and relationship toonline behavior Why is it important for an IT company to hire a usability consultant? Today’s web applications pose significant challenge to users of all fields. Few organizations go an extra mile to engage professional usability experts and go only through limited usability group testing before releasing more »


Co-branding, how to co-brand your company products and services online

Co-branding and how to co-brand your company products or services Much of the .com and post .com period can be characterized by wide use of co-branding. The definition of the term itself is: “Co-branding is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy.” per Wikipedia. More profoundly, online co-branding means offering more »


Software GUI design, application interface design

Software GUI design Application interfaces shift to the web from typical desktop environment. Latest tools allow ever more detailed and sophisticated application prototype development. While tools enable technical teams to perform many tasks without resorting to hiring off site consultants, how can a typical IT company benefit from hiring a professional user interface consultant and more »


Professional interface design

Professionaluser interfacedesign services are offered by specialized firms who’s expertise in the field of information architecture and user experience makes them more qualified to perform highly complex tasks of designing interfaces for variety of web or desktop applications. Typical web design company that also mentions UI design services with little to prove it will only more »


user interface design, hiring interface designer

How can your organization benefit from hiring a good interface design specialist? In the past 10 years web site design and interactive design services were on the top of the list of marketing to provide immediate return on investments. Little or none was done to improve actual business process and enable clients communicate with company more »


BI Tools, Business Intelligence, Competitive analysis

Based on latest report from Gatner, a leading business research organization, the trends over next 3 years point to significant increase of interest in obtaining decision-making information on lower business unit level. Specifically they predict the following: By 2012, business units will control at least 40 per cent of the total budget for BI Through more »


Dashboard design

Recent industry and consumer behaivor trends all indicate that user experience and usability will be more and more critical online over next 10 years. With development of proprietary applications, user interface design expertise is becoming a must-have asset in design companies and clients demand more and more advanced interfaces. Primary�main challenge of the effective dashboard more »


Call to Action Colors

An issue with color of “call to action” buttons and other action elements keep coming up in direct marketing, ecommerce, and other projects. What works better – green, red, blue, and why? Is there any science behind color choices? Many of our clients report dramatically different and sometimes contradicting testing results. While some swear by more »


User Interface – Executive Dashboard design

Intelligent dashboard design for variety of web based applications is very rare. There are many applications, many dashboards and many companies that sell pre-made products that are not necessarily helping users digest information faster or easier. Due to ever growing amounts of data, critical problems in usability and information architecture emerge and will stall business more »


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