Work life balance infographic design

Work life balance Infographic design for NEA Members Benefits  


Conference Branding

LightMix developed  conference branding and series of marketing and promotional products for NICE Actimize. Following parent company event branding guidelines we developed consistent branding theme and desgined electronic and print products. Marketing materials included website, emails, signs, PowerPoint presentations, badges,  maps, books, postcards, infographics and other specialty products. If your organization is interested in developing conference more »


LightMix client,, lights up Times Square Pink

LightMix client,, a non-profit organization which supports women undergoing cancer treatment, lights up Times Square  pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We are proud to be part of this effort and grateful for the opportunity to provide EBeauty with creative support for the Times Square signs and displays and EBeauty website and identity. more »


Social Media Infographic Design

Customer Experience Social Media Infographic Design     LightMix team designed social media infographic for newBrandAnalytics customer engagement campaign. Infographic design was based on provided information content and intended to tell a story with strong call to action. We maintained company branding and identity colors and style in this social media infographic and it was more »


Event branding design

Event Branding Design for NICE Actimize Global Client Forum LightMix designed annual client forum for New York based financial services firm. Event branding and design included development of new style, creation of primary and secondary brands for three world forum locations –  New York, Paris, Hong Kong, signage design, event website design, postcards, ID tags, more »


LightMix receives Best-in-Class IMA award for nonprofit website design

Award winning nonprofit website design for Rural Data Portal project. VIENNA, VA — LightMix Design Studio, a full-service web design and graphic design firm serving customers in technology, nonprofit, financial, healthcare, legal fields worldwide, today announced that it has been awarded Best in Class by the Interactive Media Awards™ for its work on nonprofit website for more »


B2B rebranding – guest lecture at University of Maryland MBA

B2B Rebranding and Marketing B2B organization LightMix founding partner and designer Alex Gordiyenko, was invited to provide a guest lecture to MBA at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland this week. The course, “Business to Business Marketing,” features an experiential learning environment leveraging outside speakers from her client base and more »


Gallery of cover design

Gallery of cover design projects over past few years. Click here to download PDF file


Marketing eBook design, developing effective eBooks improves lead generation

Developing effective marketing eBooks boosts lead generation and conversion. (Recent examples of our eBook design) Many organizations fail to recognize effectiveness of well-designed marketing eBooks. Over past 10 years concept of eBooks evolved from something people read on their kindle to important asset targeting lead generation with fast bits of critical data and call to more »


Content Management System Comparison

Content Management Systems Comparison Tips Content management system comparison is a very important task, often misguided by not fully understanding production cycle, hidden long term costs and other factors. Usual choice before development team and a client is selecting open source and customizing it vs custom CMS application. Custom CMS applications are proprietary and tie more »


Avoiding costly print production and graphic design mistakes

Common mistakes in print and production process. Many designers with web design expertise are inexperienced in print production and lack understanding print process to design consistent visual system which includes web and print products. One of common mistakes is in hiring one firm to design branding and identity, while retaining another for website and third more »


When it is time to refresh brand identity

When it is time to refresh your brand identity. Many corporate brands require redesign due to many reasons including change of direction, name change, time in business, product changes and administrative reasons. Deciding when to change existing brand identity and when to venture into redesign is important. Quite often marketing team develops elaborate transition strategy more »


Top branding and identity challenges

Branding is far wider then business identity and involves actual user experience of your organization brand, products, services, personnel, support etc. When user experience is taken into account, branding and marketing strategy will help develop business. What are top branding challenges organizations face today? Catching up with technology Many organizations continue allocating smaller share to more »


Importance of color and shape, from designers point of view

One of the most difficult and easiest at times decisions that designer has to resolve is usage of color and selection of shape of an object when doing website design and graphic design. Different colors and shapes mean different things, help or distract user from understanding subject of an article, promotion, brand or whole website. more »


Email newsletter templates and email newsletter design

Email newsletter design tips One of primary methods of outbound marketing is email campaign. When designed, written and structured correctly, email promotion will produce very good return on investment. It is important to understand what key factors should be considered when planning and implementing effective email campaign. Develop email marketing plan This means you need more »


Evaluate website for invisible problems which can affect performance

Evaluate your website performance. Avoid falling a victim to invisible threats. There are many problems hidden form inexperienced view, which can cause long-term pain for the website and their owners. Think of it as a patient, with an unknown illness, and only way to find out is when it is too late and it is more »


Building stronger brand by building trust

Build stronger brand and get more leads by building trust with prospects. One of the most common problems of marketing new or even established services or products is in making incorrect assessment and assuming that customer can trust you. Trust, by itself, is nothing other then branding asset, which is acquired over long period of more »


Importance of developing effective lead generation strategy for your business

At a current rate, any market gets to saturation with a year or two. Ongoing marketing strategy and one that is heavily based on online lead generation is the key. We notice how many of our customers engage in small, medium or very extensive online promotional campaigns and one characteristic is common to all. In more »


Creating a trifold brochure – a quick guide

A quick guide to create effective trifold brochure – part 1 When creating a trifold brochure it is important to decide on several items. Consider purpose, audience and content. Usually, a company or an organization decide to print trifold brochures to start marketing campaign, target specific event, group or promote specific product. Engaging customers online more »


Corporate identity guidelines, Branding guidelines, Styleguide design examples

How to approach identity and branding project? We recommend that a first step is for organization to review examples of corporate identity guidelines, branding guides and style guides from other companies before deciding on how to approach their ID redesign. A great resource to see examples of how your corporate identity can be documented is more »


Website design checklist – planning a website, logo, marketing campaign and more

We will not try to reinvent the wheel here. Creating a good checklist for designing a website has two sides. On one end, website design checklist is good thing. We see that many clients come completely disorganized and want to see end product without realizing that they have no content, no marketing plan, no offer, more »


Virgin Money advertising

Will we see exceptionally bold advertising similar to ones used in other countries in the financial services industry? Take a look at this post by The Financial Brand about Virgin Money. Ads are filled with provocative, seductive, direct and often obnoxious messaging all targeted to stand out from the rest of the sector. You are more »


Rebranding a company

reRebranding a company Rebranding an existing company’s branding is always a difficult assignment a it takes experience, understanding and knowledge of branding strategy, marketing and advertising to suggest effective method and best means of implementing rebranding. It is often confused with logo and identity redesign, but rebranding is a widest an most significant update of the company more »


Advertising in a recession, recession ads

Advertising in recession – what messages work In tough economic times companies are starting to focus their advertising on messages that stress continuity, longevity and survival despite bad economic situation. Take a look at the latest ad from Bank of America: Key messages used in the advertising that tries to refocus audience toward positive outcome more »


Social media branding, marketing, using twitter and facebook as focus group in rebranding

Many wonder what is the real value for business of twitter or facebook. For large organizations and those with substantial fan base, twitter, facebook and other social media networks are becoming the easiest, fastest and most effective focus group tools that allows gather quick results for new product launch or rebranding. Recently, Tropicana rebranding effort more »


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