Maximize effectiveness of lead generation campaigns

How to maximize effectiveness of lead generation campaigns.

We are often asked what would you recommend us to do with our website to improve its conversion. Not all sites are the same, but the process for creating well-performing page that delivers leads can be similar no matter your industry. When your organization relies extensively on PPC advertising, it is critical to have your website, landing pages optimized for best performance following best practices and basic logical and design rules.

Website vs Landing Page

Many times we see websites used as destination for PPC traffic. This is by far the easiest and most time effective way to get something going, but also lest effective as visitors attention is spread across the page and they are able to leave the page without accomplishing the goal of submitting their information. Landing pages are intended to keep customers in the page without unnecessary distractions and providing just enough information and links to get more to build enough credibility for visitors to feel comfortable with your offer.

Landing page design

When laying out a landing page, it is critical to factor in all aspects of the offer, supporting information, place where you will advertise, audience etc. The process of landing page design shoudl take into account if campaigns will be exclusively on desktop or mobile or both to ensure that key elements are in non-scroll area. Primary elements of landing page are:

  • Headline
  • Supporting description
  • Key product information
  • Validation / client testimonials
  • Links to more information
  • Lead Generation Form

Additional elements may include parallel products/services information, options, more details and so on. Primary objective is to fit lead generation form into the top part of the page where users can start or complete submission process without having to scroll.

Analytics and Tracking

There are many ways how users behavior can be tracked. Simplest and easiest is Google Analytics with conversion code on than you page. This will require basic setup on the Google Analytics and will allow tracking visits and conversion to goals. When combined with Adwords, cost per lead will be critical factor in determining which campaigns perform better than others. Additional tracking tools such as HotJar and CrazyEgg will allow in-page behavior tracking allowing to see heat map of a page and tracking actual users clicks. Knowing where users click will be critical factor in ongoing campaign optimization.

Follow Up Process

After initial lead generation, a drip campaign can be structured using external tools such as InfusionSoft or SalesForce to create custom step-by-step conversion process. A series of promotional emails can be sent to a prospect recommending primary service or product or advertising the company in other ways. Setting up this campaign is critical for services that promote free product and then try to sell primary service.

Ongoing Improvements

Finally, no campaign can be designed perfectly from the get go. Ongoing changes are required in most cases to make changes to messaging or design elements to find most effective combination that works best. To maximize effectiveness of your lead generation campaign, you need to follow as many steps of the process above as possible and not to forget about supporting your entire campaign with solid web and social presence that builds brand awareness and credibility.

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