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LightMix founding partner and designer Alex Gordiyenko, was invited to provide a guest lecture to MBA at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland this week. The course, “Business to Business Marketing,” features an experiential learning environment leveraging outside speakers from her client base and from the local community’s thriving technology and startup sector.

Mr Gordiyenko discussed topic of B2B rebranding in organizations on small and larger scale, challenges and strategies applied. Small organizations transformation process is quite different from that applied by larger organizations. Rebranding small organization is a limited scope task, while larger companies go through many phases in rebranding. In some cases rebranding takes years and is prioritized depending on business objectives. Lecture also discussed B2B rebranding and differences from B2C rebranding.

“There is no better way for these MBA students to learn how to tackle the numerous marketing challenges facing every company than by hearing the war stories and the success stories from the CEOs and executives themselves,” explains Liz Sara, Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship at U-MD. “I am delighted to include Alex Gordiyenko among a carefully selected group of executives who is willing to share his marketplace – and his company’s marketing experiences — and his time in the classroom,” she added.

Selected examples of B2B identity design and rebranding.

B2B Rebranding


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