Merchant services infographic design

Infographic design for merchant services review company.

Merchant services infographic design

We used variety of public sources on merchant processors data to develop outline and visualize data of credit card processing route and general statistics of credit card acceptance by businesses. Result was series of effective infographics for merchant services review company accompanying their educational materials.

Making complex data more simple in infographics

Useful data presented in form of infographic can be a powerful tool. Complex relationships and multi-step business process can be abstracted and graphically represented to help users understand data in more simple terms. More and more organizations make use of infographics as marketing and visualization tool. At the same time, it is important to select appropriate data and visual tools to make infographics easy to read and informative.

Infographics for merchant services industry

In merchant services industry, infographic design is starting to be more and more frequently used. This is often due to common misunderstanding of credit card process as a whole. Relationships between merchant service providers and banks, authorization, funding process can be complicated. Business owners must have better visibility into how the whole process operates to make better business decisions. If your merchant services organization is considering multi-channel marketing, make sure you take advantage of social media and visualization of credit card process  by utilizing infographics in your marketing materials.

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