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LightMix is a Virginia web design firm and graphic design company with over 14 years of local business expertise in all aspect of visual design, development, print, web, marketing, lead generation. Since late 1990s we developed ongoing relationships with many organizations providing fresh, original and usable design and technology solutions.

Our unique approach is rooted in understanding and appreciation of usability as driving force of any design. LightMix solve web and informational design challenges by means of functional and usable design. Our values are inline with what makes for good design as well as practical, functional and user friendly.

Over the years we worked with companies and firms across the United States and around the world. Still, being a Virginia web design company, we most often work with customers around metropolitan Washington DC and across State of Virginia including South of Virginia, Tidewater, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk as well as Richmond and Northern Virginia.

See some of our examples of web design projects for local customers in Virginia.


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