Top ten reasons to invest into website redesign

Top ten reasons why your organization will benefit from redesign of your website.

If you are considering upgrading a website, you may be challenged by time it will take, cost, commitment, right personnel, disruption of current business.

Why fix it if it ain’t broken?

Over past three to five years, if your website hasn’t been upgraded you are missing out on number of very important technological changes which start to affect usability, performance and search engine ranking leading to gradual decrease in leads and conversions.

What factors contribute to this?

Technology updates and especially search engine algorithm changes, make content more and more important. Websites relied on visual information and interactive content to build marketing strategy. Not making the change toward the design which accommodates more content, leads to lower search engine positions and lower number of leads. Today, many organizations, large or small, put more and more focus on lead generation and grow internal expertise to optimize websites.

Redesign becomes the only option to make room for required content and structure changes. Social marketing strategy also changed how websites interact with their users. Linking and connecting websites to Facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social accounts becomes the rule of thumb. Older website format often did not put enough emphasis on the social strategy as many organizations had few developed mechanisms for social outreach.

Today it is often possible to launch a brand with only Facebook page, many customers are looking for latest information, coupons, news, photos and product deals and sales on social websites.

Ten ways how your organization will benefit from professional redesign:

Your website will have improved search engine positions leading to more leads
Higher credibility and level of trust when designed with social strategy in mind
Better communication with users via blogs and social media sites
More flexibility with open layout and content oriented design
Better brand recognition with more social followers and user feedback
Faster loading, less bloated old html code
Better performance on mobile devices, responsive design that optimizes for each platform
Higher page views per visit, higher stickiness of content vs visuals
Easier content updates using simple CMS applications
New website will allow implement easier magnitude of tested methodologies in marketing, partnering, affiliate programs and sharing your content

As a result of all above it will have lower customer acquisition cost, higher profit margin for your organization.

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