Improving your landing page conversion rate

How to improve your landing page conversion rates.

Out of ten landing pages, nine will have poor conversion rate on average. Finding the best performing combination takes substantial amount of effort and investment. One of key elements lost during the process is time, leading to loss of sales. Analysis of the performance based on limited amount of information becomes critically important.

Following these simple steps to determine performance deficiencies of your landing pages

  1. Check to see if you forgot to eliminate links that can take user off the page to other parts of your website. Quite often, landing pages are designed as by product of larger website. One of ways how this often backfires is by leaving navigation of the website and allowing users to escape from key offer page to wonder around the rest of the website. Leave only links that retain user on the page unless website provides credibility and aggressively designed to maximize lead generation.
  2. Eliminate unnecessary scrolling and clicking. Users should be able to read primary message, key differentiators and call to action without having to scroll to the bottom of the page. Enabling quick user response will significantly increase response rate.
  3. Remove visual noise. Many graphics, graphical treatment of the text and especially bulky design and unprofessional text usage all make difficult for user to read information quickly.
  4. Check if your message aligns with the offer. With few seconds users spend on a page, first reaction is often last and making immediate impression you have to have right message in place. Don’t write about apples and oranges if your offer is about cloud computing.
  5. Don’t over- or under-brand the page. Testing and studies show that users respond best if marketing message is delivered by trustworthy source. In many cases, brand is not well known and part of the challenge is introducing the brand as well as making a marketing offer. Putting brand overly prominent accomplishes first, but not second. Not branding the page well or making it unnoticeable on the other hand makes it look generic and users will leave for better well-known brands.
  6. Do not use high contrast backgrounds or text colors. Black or bright colored backgrounds with bright text distract user to pay attention to visual information and not letting them focus on the message.
  7. Finally, check call to action elements to ensure that users can see them in any position on the page and they are designed well without distracting styles, elements and colors.

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