Starting Forex Brokerage

Starting Forex Brokerage with branding and Identity design

Professional forex branding

Forex trading industry unfortunately gets its’ share of bad reputation due to unprofessional approach to branding. Get rich quick schemes, which target uneducated crowd get mixed with professional traders. One of primary ways to get noticed is to invest in branding, starting with good, professional identity design.

Forex Brokerage

Our firm was at the forefront of forex trading industry branding, designing original identity, website and many other brokers. We often notice,how much brand damage occurs due to simple bad logo design. It is a common misunderstanding that identity design can be done on the cheap by crowd sourcing. Issue of crowd approach is in complete inability to deliver personalized service that each serious new start up forex brokerage needs to have brand competitive with 150 other top firms.

Starting forex brokerage became a lot easier with introduction of intermediate service providers, mt technology and ability to find liquidity provider and geographic location options. All of the firms that want to become brokers must consider that trying to save on identity design few hundred dollars they may turn into untrustworthy yet another fx firm. To compete with top firms, not only technological side must be resolved, but serious brand expertise is required.

If you are starting new forex brokerage, contact us for professional branding and identity package and complete forex website design.

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