Email newsletter templates and email newsletter design

Email newsletter design tips

One of primary methods of outbound marketing is email campaign. When designed, written and structured correctly, email promotion will produce very good return on investment. It is important to understand what key factors should be considered when planning and implementing effective email campaign.

Develop email marketing plan

This means you need to develop a workflow of email communication, determine where emails are obtained, contact possible email rental services and decide which email newsletter distribution service you will use.

Design a conversion system

In email communication, similar rules apply as in many other media. Users will not respond to initial email, they may not respond to second or third. A carefully planned drip campaign is required to optimize conversion from email advertising. Drip campaigns vary from industry to industry. Many common characteristics include free offers for quick conversion, inclusion of educational material, successive and repetitive offered for paid product conversion.

Professional email newsletter design

A good marketing message can take campaign only so far, if presentation is not done well. A design consistent with company branding, effective presentation of services is required. There are many strategies to design of effective email newsletters. Many of our clients like to layout emails similar fashion as landing pages that they lead to and use simple structure as illustrated in sample newsletter design below.

Email Newsletter Design

Track Success

In conclusion, each email communication should be done only using third party mailing systems, never from outlook or your own website unless it has tracking controls to determine success rate. Delivery percentage will also be significantly higher when sent via mail engines such as IContact, MailChimp, ConstantContact and others.

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