Building stronger brand by building trust

Build stronger brand and get more leads by building trust with prospects.

One of the most common problems of marketing new or even established services or products is in making incorrect assessment and assuming that customer can trust you. Trust, by itself, is nothing other then branding asset, which is acquired over long period of time. The lack of exposure of brand to a particular group of users usually means a lack of trust, which must be overcome with a new prospect.

Typical challenges which many businesses face are in prioritizing efforts and budgets. Sometimes, building confidence lags behind after critical email campaign or latest product release, landing page, pay per click campaign and so on. The reality is, that all steps, which are not based on improving brand perception, will only be able to produce limited and short lived result. While, a more consistent brand management campaign, which takes into account brand awareness, customer feedback, and business differentiators and professionally presentation, will lead to stronger branding and build foundation for future success.

Many organizations develop various strategies to enhance brand awareness and respond to typical customer problems leading into their products and solutions. Some develop knowledge base, wide range of educational resources, schools, consulting services, social and community forums, others – consistently visit industry conferences, contribute to industry community resources, develop thought leadership content demonstrating expertise.

Expert advice, building authority for any organization and should definitely be considered as effective marketing strategy. Customer testimonials is another effective mechanism commonly used to compensate for lack of brand awareness. In doing so, references to other well known brands indeed helps to validate new offer, yet to fully get prospect to commit to submitting a form all elements must work together.

However, not only brand should be supported by customer recognition, expertise, winning offer, but presentation itself is another critical component which can immediately turn off a prospect and ruin all other steps.

Many times we notice that organizations put presentation as last step that can be compromised toward feature, content, speed, offer, and other elements. Data shows, that conversion rates in marketing clearly correspond to effective design which helps to establish level of comfort needed to result in inquiry.

Developing effective media campaign with professional presentation and following steps above will enable almost any organization to grow in even very dense marketplace.

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