Forex templates, packaged forex solutions – beware

Forex website design – no to templates off the shelf approach.

There is a notion that anything you plug into WordPress will do it’s job, as long as it has basic features you want. A very important part of establishing long lasting impression on the customer is creating best experience possible and differentiating you forex firm from others. Let’s say that each forex company has exactly the same set of tools same set of links same content and design similar template. There is little chance the firm will be able to develop effective marketing strategy and win significant number of trading accounts.

Custom design approach that corresponds to the customer specific set of requirements and is not out of the box is a harder project, but one that produces value and builds a brand.

Only custom designed websites that take MORE then a day or two to design can go toe to toe with well known brands in the forex field. It would be wrong to think that if 90% of the project cost is in the things that are same, then customers will decide to use one service provider over another. You just can’t expect good quality work if there is no attention and time for professional designer to present different options, go through as many reviews as needed until customer is happy.

To gain competitive edge over other forex websites, owners must realize that all aspects of web experience have to be tailored to prospects, reflect organization process and build brand awareness.

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