Corporate identity guidelines, Branding guidelines, Styleguide design examples

How to approach identity and branding project?

We recommend that a first step is for organization to review examples of corporate identity guidelines, branding guides and style guides from other companies before deciding on how to approach their ID redesign. A great resource to see examples of how your corporate identity can be documented is located here:

Thanks to the article this resource and others referenced will help your organization to do needed research and planning before starting branding and identity redesign project.

The next step is to proceed with preparatory phase, generate list of goals, requirements and select service provider that can demonstrate expertise in the field, solid portfolio and understanding of marketing goals of your organization. Decide if your organization needs just a simple identity, logo or more extended corporate identity guidelines, style guide.

It is important to stress that corporate clients lack full understanding of all implications of branding, identity. Balanced approach to brand marketing takes into account all aspects of user interaction and experience with identity, brand, products.

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