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We will not try to reinvent the wheel here. Creating a good checklist for designing a website has two sides. On one end, website design checklist is good thing. We see that many clients come completely disorganized and want to see end product without realizing that they have no content, no marketing plan, no offer, nothing. More often then not, this is the case. In some cases, we see the opposite side of story. Some clients take it to the extreme and over manage, over direct website design process. They go read articles, listen to seminars and think that its possible to direct design process same way as you would direct typing by your secretary. It doesn’t work this way.

Website design checklist, logo design checklist, marketing checklist, search engine optimization checklist, application design checklist, usability checklist.. they are many of them out there. Visit this article you can get a load of checklists for whatever you want. Will they necessarily help you to have a better product in the end? Not always, not likely if your overall approach to a project is wrong. What we try to establish from the start of the design is to make sure that customer doesn’t lead the design process too much so that designers participation is limited to just technically following advice and direction of a customer without regard for professional opinion. It is often problematic to convince a client that spent considerable amount of time on self education that in fact this may not be best way to go about presenting marketing content, one way or another.

 All of the checklists that you find, and we often use some, should always be used for one purpose only –  planning and initial information. They should never be used as a guide, tool, reference. If they do and if a customer tries to stick to the irrelevant opinion of others the rest will be just that –  irrelevant design that will fail to address main requirements of the project.

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