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Designing a website for an Introducing Broker (futures brokers website design, forex broker website design, commodities brokers, equities brokers website design) requires understanding how IBs and Clearing firms work, basic understanding of financial markets and experience designing websites for many firms. Look no further, LightMix was designing websites for introducing brokers for over 10 years. What makes our services different is that we design each website custom, nothing is made from template and each customer received personal attention and large agency quality service at reasonable cost.

When designing a website for introducing brokers, we suggest to foloow following basic guidelines to create effective web presence that converts website visitors into leads and accounts.

Basic rules for website creation for introducing broker:

1. Do not try to copy other IB websites. All introducing brokers are in similar position and often we see that many want a site like somebody else. Each project has to be done custom to your firms objectives, be built around your strengths, so you can capitalize on that.

2. Try to take advantage of the content you are provided by your clearing firm, but do not base your site content exclusively on that. Often clearing firms will offer educational website content or any other marketing content at no cost. Use that, but only as supporting content. There is limited value in that, it does help you build up credibility, but also same to content on other brokers websites.

3. Always go with custom website design, never try to use templated websites. We wrote an article hereon why templated sites are not be used, make sure you read it.

4. Pay special attention to branding. In tight competition with other brokers, generic name and branding will mean customers won’t remember you.

5. Build your own lead generation section to store all leads in multiple forms in your database. Do now rely exclusively on provided open account section provided by your clearing form. Create generic lead gen forms that allow you to capture customers leads. Use that later to extract leads for email marketing.

6. Create full scale campaign, do not try to limit eforts to website only. Banners, ads in print, media all will help to promote your brand.

7. Most importantly, do not expect that a site can be designed with all of the conditions above for $1,000. Money you put into your branding and website design turns back multiple times as it helps you to close more accounts. When we suggest website design we stress VALUE above all, and in case with introducing brokers website design, value is perceived partially by how the site looks, how serious it is, effective marketing message is. Think about price of a website as investment in your own property’s equity. 100% of the cost is going toward your equity.

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