Website design fees – how much to spend on creating or redesigning a website

How much you want to spend to create or redesign your web site? What are the fees associated with website design or website redesign?

Partially, this depends on the company and on the industry, but mostly, on knowledge of a person who is interested in services. True professionals of online marketing realize enormous possibility to increase business in just about any field by creating web presence which compliments and expands their brand reach to users online. Customers that have more traditional brick and mortar businesses rarely possess such in-depth understanding and, therefore, look for services provided at a discount or low cost. They try to find somebody who will offer services at lowest cost with “acceptable” quality, not with highest value to their business. The problem on this approach is that acceptable quality is a relevant term. There are options for any budget, and it can be hard to know the difference. Don’t settle for anything less then 1% of your revenue, best options are 5-12% for website budget.

Our recommendation is that before anyody even starts vendor selection process, its critical to educate yourself about process that it takes to create a typical website and what options exist on the market today. Decide what tier of professional design companies you want to work with. Go for value above all. Professional portfolio, references and open ended design process without fixed number of reviews is important.

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