Dashboard redesign – how to create a dashboard that fits, checklist

How to redesign dashboard to represents all key data and still fits into current framework?

It’s often a question that many companies have to struggle with due to ever increasing complexities of today’s reporting and statistics. Struggling to combine results form multiple processes, operations and at the same time enable key users of the dashboard to be able to make necessary actions can be a challenging task. Basic training is not enough to foresee problems and propose solution that can accomplish multiple goals.

Dashboard design organizer / dashboard checklist:

  1. Assess that dashboard needs a redesign.
  2. Key executives of the organization must come to joint conclusion that a current presentation of the data is poor and doesn’t work to present key statistics.
  3. A management decision should be reached to engage consulting firms to help coordinate and facilitate dashboard redesign process.
  4. Generate requirement documentation and list all current functional characteristics of your application.
  5. Consulting firms submit bids, a vendor is selected and redesign process is under way.
  6. Upon first series of prototypes, management decides to choose one of the design directions that reflects organization current and future requirements and consulting firm develops dashboard, coordinates or does technical integration.
  7. Final dashboard design is delivered for integration or installed on live application.
  8. After initial installation iterative design process can occur, larger organizations may go through multiple review stages before launching redesign with targeted focus groups to gather feedback on dashboard effectiveness, consistency and so on.
  9. As a result of this final design is reached and new application dashboard is enabled.
  10. Short term usability testing and long terms usability studies are done to generate report showing effectiveness of redesign.
  11. Redesign effectiveness is measured.

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