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In this port we want to examine differences and benefits of custom design vs ready to use dashboards. There are many applications and providers claiming easy to use and plug and play dashboard functionality that easily integrates in framework of your application. True, to some degree ready to use products can correspond to many needs of users that are not particularly interested in getting to the bottom of the real problems of operation of their organization. Due to recent cost cutting and constrains many companies dramatically reduce budgets and custom design services often first to go in favor of ready to use applications that provide some sense of information, intelligence despite lack of custom and well thought out approach.

But lets concentrate for a moment on such approach and see ow theoretically a typical organization can sustain growth and development of customer satisfaction with their products when relying only on partial and often not coherent informatics about key performance indicators and drivers of business.

Dashboard designer, capable of laying out effective informational architecture that is tied to the organization infrastructure and helping reduce analytical costs b optimizing methods with which executives make critical business decisions is far more effective and important then saving a few thousand dollars and going with of the shelf package that come with ready to use dashboards.

Same analogy can be applied to template-based websites. Templatemonster.com, many others devalue creative cost to 0 by essentially offering walmart of pick your own ideas that don’t to represent anything in particular. Customers and being sold on their own lack of knowledge and this can be a dangerous mistake when enterprise performance is involved.

Retain capable interface and user experience dashboard designer to avoid costly mistakes. Your shareholders will be thankful in the long term!

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