Rebranding a company

reRebranding a company

Rebranding an existing company’s branding is always a difficult assignment a it takes experience, understanding and knowledge of branding strategy, marketing and advertising to suggest effective method and best means of implementing rebranding. It is often confused with logo and identity redesign, but rebranding is a widest an most significant update of the company communication system and marketing approach compared to all other steps.

Rebranding of the company isoften executed by branding firms, which determine new business and marketing direction. Organizations with significant budgets can afford engaging top advertising agencies and corporate branding firms to establish a new vision, define new marketing goals, review input from man customers and create new brand.

Smaller size organizations attempt to execute rebranding of a firm o a limited budget and while saving a lot of money try to follow same principles as large companies do. This however is often left to the discretion of the inhouse marketing teams, often not experienced enough in redefining core branding characteristics.

So how a smaller size organization can accomplish difficult transition of from old to new with minimum amount of risk and greatest potential?

The answer is in finding narrow range of small marketing, advertising and niche design firms that possess spot-market expertise and at the same time have multidisciplinary inhouse expertise to foresee and lead client through process of rebranding while avoiding common missteps.

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