Social media branding, marketing, using twitter and facebook as focus group in rebranding

Many wonder what is the real value for business of twitter or facebook. For large organizations and those with substantial fan base, twitter, facebook and other social media networks are becoming the easiest, fastest and most effective focus group tools that allows gather quick results for new product launch or rebranding. Recently, Tropicana rebranding effort was launched and this resulted in people complaining and as a result changes back to original packaging of the orange juice maker.

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Indeed, rebranding and major changes to the marketing and communications strategy can be delivered with greater impact, lower cost and fewer overruns if organizations are efficiently using tools available at no cost to greatest potential. Primary benefit of the technology of social media is in ability to immediately engage audience and gather feedback. While in non-commercial fields, social media is a primary tol of communication, in business, this serves as a prerequisite to well-balanced marketing and communication strategy.

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