User interface designer – consultant, geek, artist, architect – all in one

Who is an interface designer you may ask?

Is this somebody who is putting together UI in Visual Studio to get the application work finally, after 3 weeks of delays and boss screaming on top of their lungs? Is this somebody who thinks more then does and never gets passed the stage where he or she actually need to do and show and deliver actual interface? Or maybe this is who is all involved in theory, usability studies, attends all seminars and wastes no time in buying all available books and reports from Nielsen?

Real interface designer is today’s Internet’s architect. Having architectural background, we understand how typical principles of human interaction with objects now apply in digital media. Interface designer is not a geek, but must know and understand technology well. Interface designer is a digital architect, and thus, must understand and cultivate and perfect human interaction with other objects, in this case, applications, websites etc. And like in real architecture, interface designer is a person who works with builders (programmers) to make sure that the construction is done according to the design.

Today, fields of user experience, information architecture, human factor, usability have bloomed due to increasing amount of proprietary tools available that help us work and live. Interface designer is now a key person, what website designer used Tobe 10 years ago. On this stage however, a significantly higher amount of training, experience and understanding.

If you are an organization considering engaging interface designer on your project, consider versatility of expertise, breadth of experience, education and overall knowledge of a person not just ability to draw nice buttons and having long client list.

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