Data visualization – benefits of right approach

Choosing a right data visualization consultant and technique for your application might not be easy. There are a lot of considerations that need to come into play, such as selection of appropriate technology provider and aligning internal and external IT resources to enable smooth collaborative environment to make the development and integration process run effectively. What is also very important, is finding a right consultant to create and consult on selection of appropriate data visualization methods based on types of your data, your area of business,  to create most optimal and clear result.

In general, data visualization has different meaning in different fields. In engineering and science, it can be used to represent complex data and arrays of data relationships and identify patterns that are not clear in any other form. In business environment, data visualization can be used to represent business process, work flow and interrelationships between parties. In all, it is a critical component in analysis of the information, which helps make right conclusions that can’t be done without visualizing it.

Data Visualization  –  Business data and work flow and software
From visual perspective, data visualization requires design and layout to be consistent with overall application yet stand out to provide informative and clear view of key data points. Design of the data delivery visuals should not distract users from the key information and should be sufficient enough to generate effective response to the information. Choosing the right style of data visualization elements or creating new ones becomes critical aspect in application’s user experience. In business applications, dashboards and performance charts are often primary examples where data has to be visualized and presented in graphical format. Oftentimes, common mistakes are made in selecting absolutely ineffective tools and methods to display information. For example using any of the below graphically heavy elements is ineffective in terms of data visualization because emphasis is no longer on the data but on style and also gear and circular device approach is not clearly presenting true value which is more clearly shown using simple bar chart graph.


Great example sof complex data visualization:

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