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Creative services or design consulting firm in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland

There are many choices in this area and many companies offer different sets of skills. Non-profit organizations tend to go with firms that have experience designing associations websites while technology companies look for hands-on design and development expertise. There are many hidden values though in providers such as LightMix which offers full range of design capabilities to customers in Metro Washington DC (Virginia Maryland DC area) yet due to boutique size can keep prices low while still providing quality of top design agencies.

One important note is to know the difference between design services offered by marketing firms and services provided by companies who do exclusively design and development. True, many firms in Northern Virginia and Washington DC may be looking for full package solution and are not interested in solutions that are more narrow as this requires more understanding of the process. On the other hand, marketing forms provide lower quality, generic and too sales oriented design services sacrificing design, usability and leading to diminished branding.

We strongly recommend while searching for web design and creative services provider in Washington DC area consider following aspects for your organization

  • How much experience actual designers on the team of design company have and what other projects outside of the region have they completed
  • Demonstrate not only marketing and sales expertise, but also purely creative services expertise, make sure that portfolio is memorable and covers many disciplines
  • Examine client list to find companies which business is doing projects that you are considering
  • Check for companies with hands-on approach, not too much sales oriented strategy to pitch every service you may or may not need. Best values are were small size firms treat your organization as their top client no matter what size you are.
  • Check off-business hours availability. There are many firms that provide creative or design services, but most will not really care about your business and will not answer your call after 5pm or respond to email before next business day. Today’s business requires 24/7 support and responsiveness, make sure your creative services company in DC and Virginia area is able to accommodate your schedule.
  • Check to make sure that creative and web design services provider you choose has expertise and experience in fields not only related to design and development. Best results and most creative solutions are designed by those that have multi-disciplinary background. Sales people aside, creative director and art director of a company must have extensive education and professional experience with top level clients an start-ups alike.

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