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Does your organization struggle in determining where to go to get pricing and an estimate for website design project? The information below will help to understand types of providers.

There are 5 levels of pricing for website design services. Typically services offered by 5 tiers of providers which include:

Tier 1

Top advertising and design agencies
Typical cost for such services ranges from several hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. Clients have a great deal of money, have well established marketing plans, large teams and can afford going through many steps to come up with only the best the industry can offer. Examples – top auto sites, sports brands like Nike, Adidas and so on

Tier 2

Highly acclaimed design and marketing agencies
This category includes firms that have top client portfolio, but do not exclusively serve only most wealthy brand names. Budgets for projects are still likely to be in the $50-$300k range. Creative firms offer wide range of design and marketing capabilities and have unique skill set capable of managing complex brand relationships that top clients require.

Tier 3

Medium size marketing and design firms

Marketing, PR and highly specialized design firms that do top quality work for small, medium business and government clients will be in this category. Companies that hire firms in this category can expect budgets $25k-100k for creative assignments

Tier 4

Small size creative design companies and boutique-size marketing firms

Small creative companies (staffed under 30 people) will have many winning propositions to those trying to consider them versus Tier 3 providers. Yet they may not have such extensive network of providers or highly specific expertise, small creative firms will in fact offer better value due to significantly lower fees for creative and marketing services compared to larer organizations. Pricing the same scope of work as larger organizations, small size creative firms will offer still comparable range of experience, good portfolio and solid client list leaving final decision be based on preference of small to large company approach. Smaller design firms also have much more hands-on approach to all tasks and can accommodate changing business requirements much faster then larger size companies. Website design pricing or typical engagements will vary from $5k to $50k

Tier 5

Freelancers and off-shore providers

Last category is an industry by itself. The past 10 years were critical in establishing network of providers across the world offering lowest cost creative services with real price wars at sites like elance bringing the costs down to ridiculous figures. Unfortunately, same is a primary problem of these companies as they are unable to compete for higher quality clientele and are stuck with low cost projects and most frequently provide low to very mediocre quality services. To some extent, latest trends in blogs and social media help end clients minimize some of the deployment costs and even low cost providers can offer fully functional products. Despite this, credibility and established client list play critical role in development of such firms and their abilities to survive for more then 2-3 years. Pricing for website design services will vary from $50 to $2000 for typical projects.

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