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User experience design for online applications and relationship to online behavior

Why is it important for an IT company to hire a usability consultant? Today’s web applications pose significant challenge to users of all fields. Few organizations go an extra mile to engage professional usability experts and go only through limited usability group testing before releasing online applications to wider audience. User experience (or lack thereof) is becoming more and more tangible online as companies compete for loyal users of their web sites, applications and long term customers.

User experience in the first place is often referred to any type of interaction between users and products/services. Online user experience in mainly associated with how users interact with range of web marketing and functional informational products, sites. Results of such user interaction are analyzed and used by design teams when building complex web applications and web sites.

Lets define what user experience in online web applications consists from. First of all User experience is based on the brand. If the brand is well known, such as ATT or Verizon, user experience is immediately adjusted to certain level associated with quality of services provided by the company. Usability and ability of users to perform certain actions online without distraction become part of that extended branding.

User experience in online applications with smaller not well known brands is more limited to specific line of products, partners associations, industry penetration, and usability of actual products.

Positive user experience

In order to establish positive user experience from services or online products companies attempt to go extra mile to create products that are user friendly, welcoming and functional. User interface design, aesthetics, information architecture, marketing message and visual design all come into play in order to achieve these goals. When supported by quality services and quality products, users are turning into loyal customers.

Negative user experience

Lack of one of any of the above steps contributes to a negative perception of users from your online services and products and thus influences brand.  One of the best ways to avoid it is eliminate obvious usability problems in online applications and use professional UX / UE design studio to create most functional online application design.

Human Factor, User Centered design

Much of the online terminology originates offline, same is true with user experience and human factor, and user centered design which have roots in architecture and technological fields.  Over last decade an exponential growth in online applications have shifted many of products and services online and users became aware of most and least functional products. Designing online application with concept of user-centered design and carefully considering human perception of the online experience is now part of obvious rules for best user experience.

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