Don’t use template websites.

Why not to use template websites

The reason is simple, templates are too generic and have less value then custom made design specific to your company goals and subject matter. Template web sites are designed to be sold to you and not to your customers, and many business owners get into the trap thinking that if the template looks good to you it will look good to your clients. This is not true. Designer of a temaplate had very little to do with your company. They never talked to you, never asked you a single question. The only creteria by which you select good or bad template is based only on your assessment of what is good or bad. If you have great expertise in the design field, you may be qualified to make such assumption, most do not. The time needed to customize a template of your choice to your liking and entering appropriate changes will be also close to what it will take to create custom design. The benefits could not be more obvious. Template site with bells and whistles in wrong places and no emphasis on things that you really ned to offer or custom designed site with consistent branding and clear message supported by relevant design.

Other then obvious problem above the following main problems are frequent in template websites.

Over designed templates
Template websites are over designed with al possible features, whistles, sounds, icons, gadgets etc to make them ook finished polished and sellable to you. A god web site doesn’t have to rely on this, rather is based on good design that supports the content and branding.

Usage of images
Many template buyers don’t realize that the images used in the templates may not in fact be all legal and technically it will be a responsibility of the new owner. A potential copyright issue may cost business a lot of money. Incorrectly used image can bring law suite or cost later a lot of money.

Inconsistent Branding
Many templates have placeholder for your logo. A design that can be used with any logo is too generic to support and work together with your logo to create positive result that’s good for your branding. Design process starts with logo design and to web site design, not other way around as it is the case with all templates.

Excessive use of flash
One of the main selling points and totally useless elements is overuse of flash technology in many templates. Many times customers will be wowed by all the sound effects, visual effects a regular navigational bar makes! Your website should not looklike Vegas slot machines. Subtlety is your friend, not 25 effects used to sell YOU the template and how helping your customer make decision to buy or ot to buy your services. Stay as far as possible from templates that are using flash for navigation, body or other functional elements. The designers that make them think of selling to you more then anything

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