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Law website design

Is your law firm lacking consistent and clear marketing message, campaign? The easiest way to bring visual consistency in communication materials for legal services organization is to upgrade corporate website which will correspond to corporate branding and complement it. What is important is to have a professional and clear design, focused entirely on your strengths and core marketing messages. When hiring a design company for your firm’s website redesign, evaluate firm’s ability to create unique, custom design as well as their understanding of the industry and prior work for law firms.

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law website design

Tips for creating effective legal web site for your law firm

1. Conduct effective research to identify active and inactive local online competitors
The nature of legal services is local. One of the most critical pieces of information is identifying the competitors who are actively engaged in online marketing and aggressively promoting their online presence. Discect� their web sites from point of of organization, SEO friendliness and call to action.

2. Plan on writing a lot of content or hire help to do so
To justify online presence, your website needs to produce leads. Sometimes organizations want websites only as presence , supporting their offline marketing , but more and more firms turn to online marketing as supporting mechanism. Search engine optimization and comfort of a client will be based on your content. More relevant content your website will have the better.

3. Hire professional design firm, stay away from the low end shops and template sites
Never hire companies advertising $1000 websites, packaged deals�or anything which is less then 20 hours of work at average $75/hr rate. No professional result will be produced at that time and no packages will give you truly unique and professional presence, your marketing dollars will be totally wasted. Best method is to try negotiate with firm you know performed well in the past and stick to quality. Stay away from web site templates as much as possible. Those will produce only mediocre, brand less designs.

4. Plan on multi-media marketing following website launch.
Its important to cover all channels of legal services marketing from inclusion your site address in all appropriate legal services directories to local craigslist advertising. Keep your offers current and advertising up to date to gain maximum exposure. Remember, users will only notice your advertising after viewing it many times.

5. Invest in creating professional brand image, logo
One of the main ways to differentiate is to create professional branding for your firm. Hire designer and don’t use online services that advertise $100 or $300 logo design.Professional logo and identity will pay off in the long term.

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