Landing page design, how to create effective landing pages

Landing page design

Each company with a web site loses potentially significant percentage of leads by not employing basic strategy of landing pages. This does not require a marketing department to figure out that landing pages are tools that can save your business when no other methods of lead acquisition work. Specifically, strategy of channeling prospects to a specific page with a  promotion is a good way to get leads without distracting them with other offers on your site.

In the Financial services industry, landing pages are frequently used to create a CPC targeted promotion and convert users to free and later to paid subscriptions. Many companies employ financial landing pages free-to-paid offer conversion strategy by providing free or trial subscriptions initially and then up-selling customers to premium services.

Today, landing pages come in all different sizes and colors. There are long pages and very short ones. There are pages with no graphics at all and ones that have elaborate design. Depending on the context, content, keywords, industry and offer one of the strategies can produce better results then another. What is important is to conduct thorough A-B testing to see real landing pages performance and make necessary changes to the copy, offer or the  design.

Review sample landing page designs below and contact LightMix to assist you in your next landing page design project.

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