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How important is it to find the right provider of creative services for your financial organization?

Financial services companies are going through tough times this year. Not only different financial institutions received really bad rep, many one man operations such as brokers, advisers etc have suffered significantly. Many firms however take advantage of low business activity to reformulate their branding, redesign their visual and marketing materials to be prepared to reversal and gain market share.

Some consultants will answer that in fact it is not important to find a creative design firm that has extensive experience and understanding of the industry and its better to get someone with outside perspective. True, many companies have tendency to shift toward product-oriented approach to be able to survive and after .com boom product development was critical to many investor-supported businesses. This resulted in range of companies that provide packaged services, packaged sites for $30, $50, $100 per month, package hosting, data and other elements and claim custom design. The end result is such that clients are facing account managers, rarely designers, need to live with little flexibility and don’t feel that their money is well spent.

The alternative solution to packaged sites is engaging custom design company, a real creative services company that will help to redesign and prepare your visual materials for successful marketing campaign. Marketing for financial services companies rarely done by creative companies and organizations should stay away from firms that claim they do both – marketing and design unless it is a significant advertising agency. Small or medium size firms will likely sacrifice quality over result as highest margins of their profits lay in one or the other category.

Most importantly, the custom design creative services firm with relevant industry experience will in fact be beneficial to your organization. In the financial services industry, creative and marketing services can be powerful weapon when used wisely. Right consultants will help navigate design strategy and maintain close relationship with inside knowledge of the field. Inappropriate usage of color, text, format and style in the more conservative and function-oriented field can significantly reduce businesses ability to operate and convert leads to customers.

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