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Top 10 recommendations for best results from your creative design services provider and online marketing

  1. Hire only professional company to execute creative design services for your organization.
  2. �Find industry-specific marketing firm for marketing only, do not go with design services from marketing firms.
  3. Avoid low cost service providers. Creative design means iterative design approach. Low cost providers are not designed to offer such flexibility.
  4. Creative portfolio is a must and it should show wealth of relevant design work.
  5. Testimonials list is a must. Any creative design company will provide list of recommendations.
  6. Proposal completeness is important. Consider how well company organizes their formal proposal when deciding on creative design services provider.
  7. Speak with actual creative director. Accessibility of creative talent is a key.
  8. Prepare enough material to be able to work form. Often, organizations do not have adequate resources prepared before beginning of the project.
  9. Trust yourself, but don’t try to micro-manage creative design if you are not qualified�.

Marketing company and design team may push your project different directions. You must maintain an independent perspective from your client standpoint at all times. Creative design services is a subjective matter. Many times aesthetics can confuse clients. The reason why you may or may not like some design aspects are not as important as the fact whether or not it works.

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