Co-branding, how to co-brand your company products and services online

co-brandingCo-branding and how to co-brand your company products or services

Much of the .com and post .com period can be characterized by wide use of co-branding. The definition of the term itself is:

“Co-branding is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy.” per Wikipedia. 

More profoundly, online co-branding means offering your products or services under somebody elses brand to a joint benefit. 

History of co-branding

The actual practice of branding products and services by other party is not new and was around for as long as we can all remember. Off-line retail examples of co-branding are

— intel co-brands with pc manufacturers and now mac
— starbucks co-brands with various chains such as safeway
— verizon co-brands with bjs club and on and on

Today, online presence is critical component of marketing campaigns and no true co-brand can exist in digital economy without clear co-branding online.  

Typical methods of co-branding

By online technique

— Whitelabel / Private Label
— Graylabel
— No label

By type of relationship

1. Internal co-branding 

Internal co-branding means that company users variety of their own products and services to expand sub brands by using them in conjunction with primary brand. 

2. External co-branding

Exnternal co-branding means a synthesis of products and services by different organizations(2 or more) that together create final product or service.

3. Mixed co-branding

Mixed co-branding is when any combination of internal and external ventures and partnerships is used to achieve the final product or service or a complete package of services or products. Often mixed co-branding is used as a method for internationalizing brands byt linking parent brand to a more locally known smaller brands or brands in parallel industries. Example is Coca-Cola and Axe in Argentina

Most common examples and strategies in online cobranding

Most common methods of co-branding online is offering your services, data, products under different company’s identity, while preserving your own brand in less dominant format. The later is done for your own benefit and is commonly the primary reason for the entire product or service offering. Frequent business development methodology for technology and IT forms lies, in fact, in development suite of products that can later be cobranded while preserving the identity and link back to the initial provider. This frequent technique services as a viral marketing pyramid if the service or product reaches certain level pf popularity. It gradually increases public awareness of the primary brand leading to deeper market recognition, affiliate and sponsorship opportunities and solidifying initial service or product provider’s overall business.

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