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Professional user interface design services are offered by specialized firms who’s expertise in the field of information architecture and user experience makes them more qualified to perform highly complex tasks of designing interfaces for variety of web or desktop applications. Typical web design company that also mentions UI design services with little to prove it will only cause problems and not perform adequate usability assessment and design something that not necessarily most usable, most effective for the end user.

When choosing ui design company, professional interface design usually shown by a specialized section of portfolio dedicated only to user interface design work across different media. Wider the range of firms expertise, better it is as they can employ methods used in different types of applications for your benefit.

Professional web design services or professional logo and identity design will not always translate in professional ui design expertise. Amateurish mistakes, lack of experience will be demonstrated by somebody designing booth displays and web sites, if given web interface design task.

Always perform due diligence and perform the following checks before selecting professional ui designers:

1. Check portfolio for sampels fo relevant ui design work

2. Check references when available. Keep in mind that many companies are not able to show publicly many samples of UI design work as that work is under NDA. Private demonstration may reveal wider angle of work

3. Talk directly to people responsible for interface and user experience. Professional ui designers are able to quickly adjust to project requirements and provide immediate feedback.

4. If you have existing system always have PowerPoint or demo access ready to show what you have. Professional ui designer will also be able to provide a feedback right away on basic usability aspects of the application

5. Check illustration capabilities of a company. Professional interface designers are also great illustrators and can design custom icons and buttons that create unique style for the application.

6. Check length of experience of the ui designer. He or she must be at least 5-7 years in the UI design field to be able to provide professional service.

Above all, make sure that the company and people you talk to are able to understand your business and have ongoing interest in having your business. Discuss potential future projects and ongoing work arrangements.

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