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One of the most popular methods to advertise is via email marketing. For many years email list rental and email option marketing has been a driving force behind many successful businesses. How to create an effective email marketing campaign is often a difficult question. We want to share our experience on how to correctly approach email marketing subject and how to ensure best results for your upcoming email marketing campaign.

What is important to understand is that email marketing is like architecture. Without a plumber and electrician, event a great designed house won’t work. Same with email marketing, without key marketing message and right offer even great design won’t convert users.
It is critically important to have a winning proposition that clearly differentiates your business from your competition. Strengthen your key marketing points, stress what makes it different and finish the offer with strong call to action content and why your business has all expertise your customers want.

Make no false claims.
This will be difficult to maintain, yet long term you r customers will thank you. Only propose what you really are offering and what you can deliver.

Find good mail list providers.
Locate what lists your competitors are using. Many list providers will rent lists despite conflict of interest with other customers. Use this opportunity to gain intel on what methods other companies are using in your field. If your field isn’t relying on email marketing yet, use trade shows, common events to solicit for list rental. Most organizations will happily rent out mailing lists for a fee.

Have a good plan of action after initial marketing.
It’s critical to think what will happen after first round of marketing. Have a sequence of customer conversion defined before you start. Create appropriate landing pages and conversion offers that will move customers from one offer to another.

Find a design company that has understanding of multi-step conversion process.
Find a design company that understands all intricacies of the marketing business, done this for other clients and can advise you during the process on how to efficiently create and launch your email marketing campaign.

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