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Recent industry and consumer behaivor trends all indicate that user experience and usability will be more and more critical online over next 10 years. With development of proprietary applications, user interface design expertise is becoming a must-have asset in design companies and clients demand more and more advanced interfaces.

Primary�main challenge of the effective dashboard design is not in the design, rather in planning and choice of information and appropriate data visualization methods as well as in the effective IA.

Many of the popular packaged dashboard application providers which provide pre-built UI dashboards in fact promote approach, which is contrary to the effective display of information which will be easy to understand. Pretty pictures, elaborate effects, 3d charts, photo-realistic gauges and so on only distract users from critical information. We subscribe to the theory that good and effective dashboard can quickly communicate multiple levels of information in shortest amount of time without effects and cool features.

Following items to avoid in your dashboards:


For all corporate executives and product managers which are developing proprietary web applications we highly recommend a book
in which you will find wealth of data supported by facts to help your web application design process.

Many organizations are already in their 2nd or 3rd generation of dashboards are actively looking for ways to improve performance, clarity and consistency to raise productivity and eliminate waste. Clear dashboard design not only allows executives a better view of the organization�s performance, but also� an serve as starting point to establish role-based actionable dashboards. Action based dashboards are even more critical as they are specifically targeted toward lower level product development and managers directly involved in product development cycle.

With this in mind we highly recommend to spend significant amount of time planning and structuring what type of content and set of actions can be attributed to which group of users and creating set of application dashboards targeted to each department.

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