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Cover design
Last 5 years online publications are one of primary methods of delivering frequent updated reports to users. Custom cover design for newsletters, reports, books and online publications is a good way to expand your branding, make your publication unique and memorable.

Regardless of how simple the inside of the report is, the cover in this case is what attracts the user.

Don’t judge the book by its cover, but use it to sell it.

Yes, this is absolutely true that judgment about content should not be done by the design of the cover. The truth however is also in the fact that marketing statistics are way better for products that are effective in communicating, attracting and stimulating users to perform action. So, from publishers perspective, newsletter cover or a report cover may in fact need to be vibrant, so the product stands out from the crowd.

Custom cover design
There are many options with covers. Many in fact go and do DIY covers. The drawback is that professional design of the cover will  help to create professional packaging of the product and that in its turn will increase sales. Leave DIY for the inside, don’t try to save few hundred dollars and let professionals design a cover for your book, report, publication or digital newsletter.
Below you will find a compilation of 100 cover designs produced by LightMix over the past year in the financial services industry. Specifically financial newsletter cover design, financial reports covers, corporate report covers, book covers and more.

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Cover design for books, reports, newsletters

Cover design for books, reports, newsletters

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