Call to Action Colors

An issue with color of “call to action” buttons and other “action” elements keep coming up in direct marketing, ecommerce, and other projects. What works better – green, red, blue, and why? Is there any science behind color choices? Many of our clients report dramatically different and sometimes contradicting testing results. While some swear by Green, others are positively sure that Red is the way to go when it comes to “Click Here” button, and many have testing results to back up their findings. This reinforces our long standing position – there is no one-fits-all solution. Performance and conversion of call-to-action elements depends on context of particular design. It takes a lot of side-by-side comparison testing. Road to increased conversions is usually decided by trial and error. Here’s another opinion on this:

One thing we can say for sure – it pays off to test performance and conversion extensively. These design elements may seem minor and sometimes are neglected as afterthoughts. But they can have substantial impact on success of your DM campaign or shopping cart performance.

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