Top mistakes when starting your trading advisory web site

This article is dedicated to revealing top mistakes made by traders when they decide to start their own business.

It is becoming more and more popular to have your own trading advisory site. Traders start side business and some start derive additional income from advisory operations. Yet due to the fact that in many cases traders lack knowledge of the marketing, design and technical aspects, mediocrity in the online presence in fact stagnates growth of the business and often kills any potential even before business idea could be effectively tested.

In our 10+ year experience working with financial companies in different fields we witnessed various degrees of success. Some start-ups went up so quickly, it was hard to keep up. Some companies with great ideas never made it pass testing stage. In all cases we noticed that deficiency on any of the steps from start to sale can be turning point that results in wasted hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and frustration that turns people away from what can be very effective way to run business. Success stories taught us that real results from web presence are based equally on how good the product is and how well thought out process of how to sell it.

Sell it. Sell it Sell it.

What helps traders and investment advisory businesses succeed? Testing, constant testing and improvement of presence and product message. Web presence can be burden to some and saviour to others. By nature, web sites are virtual brochures and catalogs, reception areas and trading desks. Every dollar put into web site comes back times over primarily because for online businesses such as start ups, trading advisory services can look big or small, can help establish level o comfort or turn people away.  Not only it is critical to have a professional design, professional branding and professionally laid out content on the web site, it is very important to think through effective marketing mesasge that helps sales.

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