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Intelligent dashboard design for variety of web based applications is very rare. There are many applications, many dashboards and many companies that sell pre-made products that are not necessarily helping users digest information faster or easier. Due to ever growing amounts of data, critical problems in usability and information architecture emerge and will stall business operation and critical decision making process unless resolved. Ability to quickly access and act without spending day at the task is more and more important. There are many companies that offer services in UI design but there are few resources that help you see wide range of dashboards done by different companies in different fields. Here is an excellent resource to view, read and think about dashboard design.

Here you will find variety of examples and discussion on latest trends from business intelligence and usability ideas. The site doesn’t look like much, but don’t be fooled by it’s appearance, it is worth exploring it and seeing latest trends and examples.

Below are our samples of executive and actionable dashboard design created over past few years for clients in different industries. There are many more, but we can’t show :-)

Contact us if you are interested in advanced informational dashboard design for your project orá view our portfolio site.

Executive Dashboard Design Executive Dashboard Design

Executive DashboardExecutive and Actionable dashboardActionalble dashboardActionable DashboardExecutive DashboardInformational and Actionable Dashboard

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