Free financial data providers

Every financial company wants improve appearance of their site by including modules of financial data. There are dozens of free data providers and we will attempt to cover that in this section.

Free Financial Data Providers by Markets

1. Stocks and Equities

2. Futures and Commodities

3. Fixed income

4. Foreign Markets

5. Forex


1. Stocks and Equities

One of the latest finds is - a free great toolset that allows you to include inline quotes and great looking charts that can be customized with your own notes into any page of a site or a blog. WikiInvest also allows to participate and share your content by syndicating your own content via WikWire, a service that shares your own posts and articles with other sites and generates traffic back to you. Great this about this is that this works with most popular blogging tools such as Typepad, Blogger Moveble Type, Joomla and of course WordPress, most popular blog publishing platform.

Stock chart provided by WikiInvest looks excellent, their brand isn”t overpowering and can be customized to fit size you need. The flash chart also interactive which Will stand out from the rest of the data providers offering same dull graphical charts.

Those interested in generating more traffic to their blogs in equities as well as any other markets should definitely check out the WikiWire platform as this is just another way to present your content to the public.

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