Client Testimonials

"LightMix is one of the best design firms I have worked with, they are Creative, professional and friendly. They delivered on time and on budget. They helped me create the website beyond my expectations. They have a very well qualified team that work hard to build up something up to the standard of competition. Thank you so much for the great job."
Hamed Eltahhan
"Before I was introduced to LightMix, I had worked with several other graphic design and web development firms on various projects. No other firm has come close to consistently exceeding our expectations with their high-quality work and professionalism. LightMix is by far away the best at what they do, and I’ve recommended them to others without hesitation."
Charles Norton
GNI Capital
"In addition to Lightmix's talented team of designers, they have exceeded our expectations in their software design. Our system works seamlessly in processing subscribers and providing us the reporting that is vital in making business decisions."
Charles Mizrahi
Eastman Communication
"The reason we use LightMix, is they understand the online financial  content business, better than anyone. They know what elements make a  financial site effective, and why. They deliver on time and on budget.  In my opinion, LightMix is the gold standard in financial content web  design."
Jack Marks
CEO Wall Street Reporter, Inc.
LightMix is simply the best design firm I have worked with over the years. Creative, professional, dependable, and prompt would be words to describe the firm and their design team. LightMix has a vast amount of experience providing design services to the the financial/investment sector, an asset that the firm brings to the table with every project. I regularly recommend LightMix to any associate that is looking for a high quality design shop.
Ian Wyatt
Business Financial Publishing
“I am reluctant to endorse LightMix because I consider them one of our best kept secret weapons in the battle to build our business. They are a smart, friendly and highly responsive organization to work with and most importantly, they deliver awesome results. We plan to keep them as our go-to design team for a long, long time.”
Michael Witz,
Right Side Advisors
"LightMix has helped us with a number of different multimedia and web design projects over the recent years. We have always been very pleased with their creativity, responsiveness and the overall quality of their work. We would definitely recommend them to other organizations that are looking for fast, professional and high-quality design work. We look forward to working with them on future projects."
Kathy Hrach
Marketing Communications Manager
Media Cybernetics, Inc.
"Let me tell you something....These guys are awesome. They built my web presence and corporate brand from scratch with both professionalism and creativity. LightMix does OUTSTANDING work and get the job done in
a quick and timely manner. I can honestly say, this was the best investment I ever made.My success is directly tied to all your hard work. Thanks for all your efforts."
Michael Mendlowitz
Commerce Payment Systems

"LightMix is our complete graphics solution -- timely, reliable, affordable, and precisely creative. We owe much of our 'Net success to LightMix's awesome designs."
Bill Martin
Co-founder of Raging Bull, Inc., InsiderScore, FindProfit.

"Thank you so much for everything you have done. You have helped us transform an okay web site into an incredible site that continues to receive nothing but positive feedback. Since our redesign, we have been receiving high rankings from magazines such as online Investor and Active Trader. Working with you(LightMix) has been a pleasure. Whenever I email you with a request, your incredibly prompt responses our much appreciated. LightMix graphic design team is fantastic. Every time I receive new artwork from you and show my staff, the comments I always hear are, "These guys are awesome!" Thanks again for helping us create and maintain a beautiful web site."
Anthony Nunes
VP of Pristine Services,

"In a world of mediocrity, the LightMix team stands out like a beacon. Our company has had the good fortune to work with LightMix on several time-sensitve projects over the years. LightMix has never let us down or fallen short of our expectations. If fact they have always excelled and gone the extra mile. The recent Flash demo that they created for our latest website, site is a work of art. If you are seriously thinking about using LightMix on a project think no more."
Adam Hewison

"Having worked with LightMix Design Studio for over 2 years I have come to the conclusion that they are simply the best in the business! Not only are their designs cutting and their creative and stylistic range extraordinarily broad, but their constant committment to the bottom lines of deadline and budget is unmatched. Over the years I've worked with many design firms but none even approach the reliability of LightMix Design to provide superlative creative done on time and in budget. With LightMix, you can stop searching, and get to work."
Phil Fremont-Smith
CEO, BusinessBuilder
" LightMix Studio has delivered visually appealing graphics, which get frequent compliments and effective conversion rates. They have provided us with both Corporate/sales web sites and end-user graphics for our subscribers. They have consitantly delivered and excellent product, on-time, and within budget, "
Scott Seltzer
President, ConnectMe
"Dear LightMix:
Thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm with regard to our web design and graphic design projects. We continue to get rave reviews and comments about our printed materials - people asking constantly "who does your graphic design?" We cannot say enough about your speed, accuracy, and attention to every detail when designing our promotional materials over these last 3 years. Thanks again, LightMix for incredible work and we look forward to many more projects together!"
Pamela Rose
Managing Principal
Mystique Productions, Inc.
"LightMix is an essential component of our both our branding and product development efforts. Exceptionally responsive, they often meet impossible deadlines. What really distinguishes them is their ability to understand the business purpose behind the project -- they have helped us to balance design, performance, functionality and flexibility with excellent results. Our application is quite complex, yet LightMix gave us a GUI that our clients tell us is 'slick and easy to navigate' -- an important competitive advantage for us. We would recommend LightMix unconditionally."
Carisa Mahnken,
VP of Development, PortfolioScope, Inc.
“I hired LightMix to redesign by website and was thrilled with the outcome. They have a very talented design team and are very professional in their approach. Response time was very quick and any changes I needed were done in a very timely manner. I will definitely be using lightmix to design and redesign my other websites, to design my brochures and for all my other publishing needs. I highly recommend them.”
Marc Bronstein
Valubuild Panel Homes
"Fast, reliable, comprehensive and very skilled - Lightmix has developed nearly ten web sites for us and with each one I become more impressed. Without a doubt, they provide the best value and execution of any design firm."
Rusty Szurek
"It's our greatest pleasure to work with LightMix Design Studio. Ever since the launch of our website at, we have received tremendous positive feedbacks from the public which translate into returns of investment.
Truly to us, LightMix represents:

L - Leverage of time & money
I - Invaluable advice
G - Genuine support
H - Holistic approach
T - Terrific service
M - Meaningful partnership
I - Incredible Service
X - Xtraordinary design"

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Chief Options Strategist
"It was great working with a company that knew how to do things correct the first time with high quality workmanship and response time. We're very happy with our new web site design!"
Bob Yacobucci
"LightMix's fresh and innovative designs helped breath life into our product line and have formed the cornerstone of a coherent worldwide branding for MyPhotosNow. In the year that we've worked with them, LightMix has consistently produced on-time and under budget, and we continue to be impressed by the remarkable quality and creativity of their work."
Jason S. Pareti
Senior Manager, Internet & Consumer Development
Digital Now, Inc.
"Working with LightMix has been a pleasure. They have consistently met our rigid timelines and have always turned around professional results. Whenever we have a new design project, we always look to LightMix first."
Kyle Maddock
Online Marketing Manager, Talk America, Inc.

'LightMix Studios has become our exclusive provider of WEB and Graphics implementations. Their ability to promptly translate our needs in high quality rendition has upgraded our marketing efforts to stratosphere. We have won kudos from our market segment and have just selected LightMix to be the lead project manager for WEB/VPN based secured information deliveries to our clients.Ascend expects to continue to expand its relationship with LightMix as we add different avenues of WEB based applications."
A. K. Jay Jaiswal
CEO, Ascend Healthcare Systems LLC

"LightMix's creative design services positioned to be a leading financial website. They understood our audience and created a look and feel that attracts the kind of clients that are most valuable to our business."
Ronald Everett, CEO
CompanyValue Advisors
"Deciding on LightMix to take our website from its original basic design, and totally transform it into a state-of-the-art website, ranks as one of the best decisions our company has made. The graphics are outstanding. Ease of use has been dramatically improved, and the proof is in the exponentially increasing traffic we are experiencing since our new design went live. Thanks LightMix!!"
Frank Kollar
"We've been working with LightMix since early 1996. LightMix Design has been professional and courteous from start to finish. Their attention to detail and genuine willingness to make sure our website conveyed the proper message was fantastic. LightMix has an uncanny ability to turn our rough ideas into something truly amazing. When we needed something rushed, their staff has always been accommodating. We constantly receive compliments on our site design and we refer other jealous webmasters to LightMix every time without hesitation. Our projects are always completed on time and within budget. A class act."
Tim Bourquin
Co-Founder, The Online Trading Expo
"Relying on the outstanding talent and experience of Lightmix for handling all of our Flash and Design projects has tremendously helped our business model and client needs. Realizing the nature of the web and the requirements to stay ahead of the competition Visual Trends is delighted to have Lightmix as one of its strongest business partners."
Vesko Kehaiov
Co-founder/CSO, Visual Trends, Inc.
"LightMix took the basic ideas for our website and put it into an incredible artistic form. We were able to conceptualize the ideas with LightMix and bring the design to life the way we imagined. LightMix has been very helpful with the implemention of the site and is very helpful every step of the way. We look forward to continuing our work with a winning team!"
Robert Shapiro
Business Development, Trade Wall Street.
"Professional, creative, thoroughly detailed, and impressive--that's how we would describe our working with Lightmix and the quality of product they produced. Initially, we knew that we wanted a presentation that would give the viewer a thorough demonstration of our software--Lightmix took our basic concept and produced a Flash presentation many times beyond our expectations (and we have very high expectations!). Because of their committment to quality on-time work, we got maximim results with minimum time committment on our part--which is very important when your team is working long hours and every minute counts. After watching the presentation, all our customers want to know who created it, so that they too can have the same arsenal of creative talent and technical expertise helping their business."
Dmitri Simonenko
CEO, Plesk Inc.
"...Just a note of thanks for the wonderful flash presentation. Our customers are truly impressed whenever they see it and many of our Hosting Partners are loading it on their sites. The greatest compliment came directly from a competitor at the spring ISPcon show in Orlando. One of their people told me that they were blown away when they saw the flash and are looking to do something similar. Bravo for a job well done."
Todd L. Crumpler
Director of Strategic Partnerships Plesk, Inc.
"Lightmix, I just wanted to commend you guys on an amazing job on our site. I had a vision of what the site was going to look like and you guys brought it to a totally different level."
Adam Granoff
CTO, Streetside Investor
"Thank you for all the hard work you put into our website. We have gotten nothing but praise from every person that has seen the site. It is rare in this business to find people that are both professional and at the same time so accessible. The website you have built fo us is more than we ever envisoned. I would reccommend that anyone interested in graphical design work and website creation to use LightMix. I am positive somewhere down the line we will have more opportunities to work with each other. "
Danny H. Chan
CEO, Streetside Investor
"I just wanted to thank the guys at LightMix for helping us achieve our web site development goals. Digital Insight has enjoyed the financial benefit of doing business with LightMix. We have enjoyed a 40% increase in business since LightMix started working with us."
Todd Bullis
President, Digital Insight Software Co. LLC
"LightMix has aided our firm in the creation of the highest quality homepages for our Japanese clients. Expert workmanship, superb cooperation and a friendly attitude make LightMix our top choice. Even amidst hectic programming changes, far past the deadline, LightMix has honored their commitment to quality."
Don Prosser
CEO, Profit Watch Japan Inc.
"We employed LightMix for our new website design, and were so impressed, ended up having them completley redo all our promotional materials..."
William Gibbs
President, TLC Nursing Services, Inc.

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